Dr Trozzi | Does DNA in the vials proves it is a bioweapon?

New interview by Iron with with Dr Trozzi, exploring details and implications of high amounts of dangerous DNA found in Pfizer and Moderna Vials.

Dr Trozzi's new interview with Iron Will exploring details and implications of high amounts of dangerous DNA found in Pfizer and Moderna Vials.

Recently we shared some very important news regarding large amounts of dangerous DNA found in the Pfizer and Moderna covid-19 injections.

This is huge news! The implications, and range of negative consequences can not be ignored by wise people. We call immediately for an even higher level of caution regarding the injections’ direct toxic effects, as well as shedding, transfection and more. Our study of this is ongoing, and you can anticipate more news and interviews over the weeks and months ahead.

Thanks to Iron Will for reaching out to discuss these findings from both biologic and criminal perspectives. Here is that interview. Please study, share, and strategize.

DNA In The Vials Proves It's A Bioweapon Part 1. Iron WIll with Dr Mark Trozzi

DNA In The Vials Proves It's A Bioweapon Part 2. Iron Will with Dr Mark Trozzi

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