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Hugh McCarthy | What have we done to our children?

Profound insights from an award winning school teacher and principal, who came out of retirement to defend our children when covid was launched.

Hugh McCarthy’s May 15, 2023 presentation to the World Council For Health, with former BBC presenter, and now agent of truth, Jemma Cooper. Hugh is a pleasure to listen to, and a wealth of knowledge.


The covid agenda, fake science, fear mongering and human rights violations from muzzles to social isolation damaged us all; but the children were especially vulnerable. They have been severely damaged.

We need to find the path to their healing, and undo the globalists’ plan to destroy the young generation, end our culture, and submit humanity to their tyrannical rule.   

Hugh McCathy is a retired teacher and a principal of distinction. When covid was launched, Hugh kept his mind and heart intact. He joined forces with others, asked important questions,  studied the science, and applied his wisdom and passion as an educator to help the children.

Let’s take advantage of Hugh’s knowledge and wisdom, so we can all help undo the severe damage the globalists have inflicted on our children.

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