Mothers’ Day Gift: Honest Healthcare For Canadian

Mother's Day Message from The Wellness Company Canada

A Special Announcement from Dr Paul Alexander, Dr Roger Hodkinson, Dr William Makis, Dr Julie Ponesse, and Dr Mark Trozzi; the Wellness Company Canada launches today!

On March 16th, 2023 we presented the emergence of The Wellness Company in the USA. The post was titled: New Health Care for Smart Patients and Good Doctors – Doctors Peter McCullough, Harvey Risch, Richard Amerling, Heather Gessling and others join Canadian visionary Foster Colson in building a legitimate new health care system  

Many of you wrote asking “when or if The Wellness Company could come to Canada?”

Bringing legitimate health care into Canada now, is as challenging as it once was to smuggle bibles into the Soviet Union. Despite that, myself and other covid truth leaders, have been in meetings for months with The Wellness Company. Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of The Wellness Company Canada.

TWC Canada’s Chief Medical and Scientific Board is composed of a short list of people whom you’ve rightly come to trust over the past three years. We are Dr Paul Alexander, Dr Roger Hodkinson, Dr Julie Ponesse, Dr William Makis, and myself Dr Mark Trozzi.

We promise to direct The Wellness Company Canada so it delivers real health solutions for smart Canadians. We will never compromise or cooperate with big pharma or the global predators that created covid and the deadly injections.

We plan to bring a full spectrum of healthcare services to Canadians. The regulatory and political hurdles are significant. Here is our current schedule and road map for the next five months.

Beyond this, we aspire to provide in person health care, and hospitals that will set a new global standard in stark contrast to the corrupt remains of old institutions.

Please check out our site, services, memberships and products including TWC Spike Support Formula to help with the new poison and major cause of disease and death: the Spike Protein, which victims bodies produce following the coerced genetic injections mislabeled as “safe and effective covid-19 vaccines”.

Through the TWC Canada, Canadians receive large savings compared to ordering through the US company. Shipping is free for members and first month membership is only 99 cents with the discount code NEWMEMBERS at check out. Receive a 10% discount on everything with the discount code TROZZI.

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  1. Oh Happy day… you all have been so dedicated the the cause of a better health care system.
    I have followed diligently with prayer and hope for such a time as this.
    God bless you all. Thank you is hardly sufficient.

  2. Comment to victor’s share

    ah’ if a mother = birthing parent – – – father = sperm donor ??????

  3. Just plain HAPPY & FAITHFUL- God works his wonders through those who’s hearts invited him in and that’s where & when Gods Miracles begin. I suggest “ prayer groups “ where people add the name of someone who needs to be prayed for – Prayer en mass is the 💥

  4. the momentum is there for all of you doctors acting with integrity to bring the ethical practice of medicine back to Canada. You have given us real hope! We look forward to the fulfilment of all your plans – God bless each one of you for your faithful dilgence toward this end and God speed!

  5. Thank you! God bless you all. Finally a light of hope for our medical system of which I am frustratingly a part of.

  6. Very, very good news! Congratulations Dr. Trozzi! You and your colleagues are the new Canadian Heroes.
    I realize it’s early days, but I have two questions. Will medical specialists, eg cardio and kidney docs be available for one on one tele or in-person consults?
    When might the fee
    structure be released, and will it be a fee for service or subscription model?

  7. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS with your new endeavour!!!
    I have been waiting & praying for what you are building since the late 70’s while watching dear friends & family I loved being literally destroyed to death by pharmaceutical companies. You have been a beacon of hope throughout this wretched “pandemic” scam. It’s been a lonely stressful time.
    God Bless you & your whole team. I am so grateful for all of you.
    Technology is NOT my strong suit, so rather than on your site I will be sending my donation via my credit union e-transfer system.
    Again, Thank You – for your integrity, honesty and bravery!
    Sincerely, Alice Lawrence 🤗🙏💕

  8. I think are liberals have changed the word mother to birthing parent so have a happy 😵‍💫day.

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