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Danger: Arch criminals Gates and Tedros buying influence in African health

Danger: Arch criminals Gates and Tedros buying influence in African health

Thanks to Shabnam Palesa Mohamed for exposing this important information. 

 The last few weeks have seen WHO director-general Tedros and vaccine profiteer Bill Gates surface prominently in South Africa, where a controversial mRNA production hub was recently launched. While Tedros received a controversial honorary doctorate from the University of Pretoria, Gates is reportedly funding a secretive maternal and newborn conference to the volume of at least $9 million.

The conference, which launches 8 May 2023, is described on its website: “For the first time in more than eight years, the International Maternal Newborn Health Conference (IMNHC) 2023 will bring together the maternal newborn health communities in Cape Town, South Africa. More than 1,500 stakeholders from around the world will come together to accelerate solutions to improve maternal and newborn survival and prevent stillbirths as we strive to achieve the ambitious targets outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals.” Interestingly, this mega-conference is not listed on the CTICC website.

A whistle-blower alerted CHD Africa executive director Shabnam Palesa Mohamed about the conference. She shared “They called it the maternity event, they are keeping it quite, they are not advertising it. Last week, WHO people were there, and Tedros received honours from Tuks university. Doctors from America, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc are attending this conference, it’s more than 10 000 doctors, I’m really scared for the future and mRNA vaccines for babies.”

This well referenced article from the Africa Chapter of Children’s Health Defense is well worth the read: Manufactured Consent – Gates and Tedros buy influence in African health

Great News and Information from Shabnam Palesa Mohamed.

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