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Severe risks of DNA contamination of mRNA covid shots; Canada's National Citizens Inquiry "analysing the crime scene".

Severe risks of DNA contamination of mRNA covid shots; Canada's National Citizens Inquiry "analysing the crime scene".

Regarding the interview above, Veronika Kyrylenko and The New American team wrote:

Bivalent mRNA vaccines for Covid produced by both Pfizer and Moderna apparently contain an unacceptably high amount of bacterial DNA. In all, it accounts for up to 35 percent of the nucleic acids contained in each of the vaccine batches studied by Dr. Kevin McKernan (, a leading expert in sequencing methods for DNA and RNA. These alarmingly high concentrations far exceed the levels deemed safe.

In this interview with The New American, Dr. Mark Trozzi, a Canadian physician and medical researcher, explains the role of bacterial plasmids and E. coli bacteria in the manufacturing process of mRNA injections. Any traces of those should have been filtered out of the final products – but they were not.

The implications of this are truly far-reaching and imply severe health risks not only for the vaccinated, but also for those around them. First of all, plasmid DNA is highly persistent, which may explain why vaccinated people produce a spike protein for prolonged periods of time. The latter is a demonstratedly potent toxin and is associated with a wide range of conditions, from chronic and autoimmune-like inflammation in all parts of the body to blood clotting. Secondly, bacterial DNA can be integrated with human chromosomes, alter genetic information and induce malignant diseases. Another serious risk is the integration of plasmid DNA into human E. coli bacteria abundant in our intestinal microbiome, which could entail the ongoing production of spike protein. That creates not only autoimmune reactions in the vaccinated but also suggests a potential for shedding: as we breathe, we exhale multiple elements from our microbiome.

Combined with all previous scientific revelations about the risks of Covid shots, this latest discovery implies that vaccination policies and mandates are crimes against humanity. “We’re at the crime scene,” and there’s hope for accountability, said Dr. Trozzi, speaking about the National Citizens’ Inquiry into Canada’s Covid response.

Being a steering committee member of the World Council for Health (WCH), Dr. Mark Trozzi previewed an upcoming Better Way Conference (BWC) and invited all to get online tickets to learn about practical solutions for preserving health, freedom, and sovereignty.

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