Men’s Testes Becoming A Spike Protein Wasteland

Odessa Orlewicz Interview with World Council For Health Scientists German Based Cristof Plothe DO & Canada's Dr. Trozzi MD

Following our March 27th revelation regarding Dropping Sperm Counts and Poisonous Ejaculate in Covid genetic injection victims, Christof Plothe and I received requests to discuss this subject with real journalist investigators; not CBC or other state propagandists who are accomplices to the crimes (in the opinion of many peope including myself).

 It was a pleasure for Christof and I to join Canadian truth seeker Odessa Orlewicz to discuss the profound male fertility crisis, and the evidence from autopsies, Pfizer’s documents, and global statistics. In addition to repeating our call to stop these injections immediately, and exposing the criminality of this intentional fraud and violence, we discuss next steps in terms of precautions, prosecuting the crimes, further study of the damaged organs, and exploring solutions.

Anyone male who has been violated with the misrepresented bioweapon should stock up on condoms, and follow and support our work. At the World Council for Health.

Men's Testes Becoming A Spike Protein Wasteland. Interview- World Council For Health's German Based Cristof Plothe & Dr. Trozzi with Odessa Orlewicz

Regarding this interview, Odessa Orlewicz wrote: “World Council For Health’s D.O Cristof Plothe from Germany does an excellent job with proof and stats and slides, alongside one of Canada’s favourite honest doctors- Dr.Trozzi. We have a no holds barred conversation about men mating with women who want children, AND the reverse, and what is happening with spike protein in the testes. Don’t miss this one.”

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Here is the post and video that sparked this interview: Dropping Sperm Counts and Poisonous Ejaculate. Evidence from autopsies, Pfizer’s documents, and global statistics. Christof Plothe DO, Mark Trozzi MD, and Professor Arne Burkhard MD. 

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An Odessa Orlewicz Update Concentrated on Shedding, testicular cancer, Pfizer fraud, blood changing in injected and the uninjected and more. EMF stimulates filaments assembling in the blood of jabbed, and unjabbed; are the building blocks being sprayed across the sky (chemtrails) as well?