The Battle for Ethical Medicine in Ontario

Accomplices to the covid-crimes-against-humanity continue abusing their office to "punish" good doctors who stand against the crimes and protect the public. Video and Epoch Times Article.

In the story of the covid crimes against humanity, Canada is the home of heroes and villains.

Like the Trudeau regime, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario continue gaining international notoriety. Here is a concise report, both written and video, from Epoch Times writer Matthew Evans-Cockle titled “Punished for Doing the Right Thing: The Battle for Ethical Medicine in Ontario”.

Author: Matthew Evans-Cockle

Punished for Doing the Right Thing: The Battle for Ethical Medicine in Ontario

“What is at stake with the COVID-19 related restrictions imposed upon doctors by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario?”

“Doctors Crystal Luchkiw, Patrick Phillips, and Mark Trozzi have lost their licenses, their careers are under threat, and their lives are being marred by the unpleasant necessity of enormously costly ongoing legal battles. The personal cost they are paying is no laughing matter, but that personal cost is not what’s driving them, and it’s not where the gravity of this situation lies. These doctors are fighting for the right to care for their patients in the best way they know how, as determined by their medical knowledge and the individual needs of each individual patient.”  Matthew Evans-Cockle

This Article and other Great material available at The Epoch Times and The Cariboo Sentinal.

I observe a complete absence of good faith in our dealings with the CPSO. They use dirty legal tricks to corrupt what should be an honest process, under-handed maneuvers to obstruct scientific and expert evidence, and they defend ludicrous positions like maintaining that the covid genetic experiments, which come with unprecedented injuries and deaths, are “Safe effective vaccines.”

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