Ontario overturned good Justice Pazaratz sane 2022 decision

The overturning of Justice Pazaratz 2022 decision, and action call from Take Action Canada, Justice for the Vaccinated, and Roman Babar to save two young girls.

Details and action call from Take Action Canada, Justice for the Vaccinated, and Roman Babar to help two young girls, and all of us.

It is a sad state of affairs, that we have become accustomed to hearing nothing but absolute insanity from now-illegitimate-governments, dinosaur media, medical regulators, and courts.

In February 2022, we had a refreshing moment of common sense and respect for human rights when Ontario’s Justice Pazaratz ruled in favor of two sisters 10 and 12 years old who did not want to be injected with the dangerous miss-represented and coerced genetic substances that have proven to be the greatest medical atrocity in history. The girls’ mother supported them deciding not to be injected, but their father wanted them injected against their will. I don’t imagine that he hates his daughters, but rather he is one of many victims of the pervasive campaign of abuse and misinformation that left people running from a man-made and moderately mild virus, to the “poison death shot” (quoting my friend Dr Zev Zelenko).

Sadly, the Ontario court of appeal has now over-turned Justice Pazaratz’ ruling. They did this on the bizarre basis that according to Health Canada, these injections (that don’t prevent covid infection or transmission, but cause increased rates of infection, and have obliterated all preceding records for death and injuries ever associated with anything ever labeled as “a vaccine”)… are unquestionably “safe and effective”. Seriously!

This is terrible news for the girls, and their mother; and really their father too, despite his misguidance.  

This is also horrific for all Canadians! We can not let this stand. This implies that not even a judge may entertain the possibility that these covid bioweapon injections are not safe and effective. Consider, the same perverse authoritarians who declare that a twelve year old can choose to undergo gender reassignment including hormones and surgery without parental consent; or even “medical assistance in dying” without parental consent; but one parent alone can insist that they be injected with this genetic abomination, against their will.

I realize that we are at a place where governments, courts, and most institutions are teetering off the cliff towards complete illegitimacy. That spells a very complex future which would transition us from the current unilateral slaughter and abuse of innocent people, to a more complex stance and conflict. So, we are still trying to restore some sanity and legitimacy to the old institutions; and it’s ridiculously expensive.  

Take Action Canada, Justice for the Vaccinated, and Roman Babar are supporting the girls and their mother; and ultimately all of us who do not want to live and die in Bill Gates and Klaus Schwabb’s slave colony.

Here is an important message from this team. 


Mark Trozzi MD

Important Note & Appeal for Help:

“When did it become illegal to ask questions? Especially in the courtroom?”

Letter from Roman Baber

This is the opening line of a decision by Justice Pazaratz in the case of J.N. v C.G., released in February 2022, in which the Court granted decision-making authority over Covid-19 vaccination of two children of the marriage to the mother – J.N. The mother seeks to uphold the wishes of the children, 12 and 10 y/o, not to vaccinate.

The Ontario Court of Appeal overturned Justice Pazaratz in February 2023 and awarded decision-making over Covid-19 vaccination to the father – C.G. The father wishes to vaccinate the two children despite their wishes. One of the key issues at the Court of Appeal was the weight to be given to the position of regulators, such as Health Canada, that the vaccine is “safe and effective” and is therefore in best interest of the children.

For the last month I have been assisting the mother, pro-bono, to retain counsel and bring an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. J.N. hired Albertos Polizogopoulos and Lia Milousis of The Acacia Group. Materials for leave (permission) to appeal to the Supreme Court will be filed this week.

I cannot stress enough how important this appeal is. We hope that the Supreme Court will empower parents to make healthcare decisions that they reasonably believe are in the best interest of their children regardless of the advice of Regulators; that the Supreme Court will consider and allow challenges to government’s evidence on safety and efficacy; and that children’s wishes are taken in to account.

Bringing an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada is very expensive. While I have committed to continue to advise the lawyers on a pro-bono basis (I will not charge a cent), we need to help J.N. pay for legal fees incurred by the Acacia Group.

I kindly ask that you please visit https://vaxjustice.org/help-a-mom-out/ and make a donation toward J.N.’s legal fees. Your donation is confidential, secure and 85% will go directly into the Lawyers’ Trust Account.

I will end with a quote from the original judgement we seek to reinstate. In referencing the father’s argument in favour of vaccinating the children, Justice Pazaratz wrote, among other things:

“We’re seeing more and more of this type of intolerance, vilification and dismissive character assassination in family court. Presumably…because it’s rampant outside of the courtroom. It now appears to be socially acceptable to denounce punish and banish anyone who doesn’t agree with you.”

Please visit https://vaxjustice.org/help-a-mom-out/ to donate now and kindly spread the link to your friends and freedom networks. For the sake of our country and freedom to make medical choices, we need to be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.

For updates on this critical and unprecedented legal case click here.

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Sincerely grateful,

Roman Baber and Sandy (Take Action Canada)

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