What Is the Great Reset?

Why we should all fight with everything we have.

Why we should all fight with everything we have.

Have you wondered why so many good people including scientists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians, business people and others have sacrificed so much and continue working tirelessly, not for money, but for truth and freedom, even when covid seems to be in the rear view mirror? It is because the highly organized covid crimes against humanity, despite how deadly and harmful they have been of themself, are just one part of a much larger, diabolic plan where fanatical elites intend to live as overlords, with 99.9% of us dead or enslaved. If you are already committed and actively in the fight, may God give you calmness, health, strength and guidance.  If you are not yet really in the fight, please watch this, then roll up your sleeves.

This video comes from a Christian organization, The Trinity Broadcasting Network, and incorporates a Christian perspective. I received it from a dear friend who is a devote Muslim. We no longer fall for strategies to divide-and-conquer us based on race, religion, or gender. We come in all colors and religions, and are working together.

Imagine a not-so-distant future where you own nothing and have no privacy. It’s a cashless society where everyone must use digital currency and possess a digital ID while living under the rule of a global government. It may sound like something straight out of George Orwell’s chilling novel, 1984. Yet today, some very powerful global players, led by the World Economic Forum and with the enthusiastic backing of some Western leaders, major corporations and the UN, are promoting this radical transformation of society. They call it “The Great Reset.”

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