Canadian Hero, Former MPP and Whistleblower Randy Hillier

The first politician in the world who spoke out against ludicrous covid measures, exposes the filth and corruption of Canadian politics

Like rare honest scientist, nurses, and doctors; Randy Hillier is a rare and special leader among us. He was serving as a member of our provincial parliament in Ontario when covid was launched. While many meat puppets in governments lined their pockets with fiat currency, and served global predators and their covid agenda against the people; Randy asked important questions, spoke truth to power, and stood with us and our truckers in Ottawa. He’s been unjustifiably arrested, removed from parliament, and faces more than one million dollars in fines for standing up for human rights in Canada. Here in conversation with Glen Jung of Bright Light News, Randy is frank and clear in exposing the nature of corruption that permeates all political parties in Canada. He explains the disingenuous practices that win elections, and line pockets, as our country spirals down the toilet.

"Political parties should be seen as legalized crime families"

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Glen Jung of Bright Light News wrote:

“Now retired from a colourful political career, former Ontario MPP Randy Hillier comes firing explosive insider allegations that would only fuel the cynicism of a public already weary of political scandals, “There is no political party that has a tinker’s damn interest in the public interest.”

In this no-holds barred interview, Hillier asserts that political parties are essentially “crime families” engaged in “a lawful, legalized and authorized protection racket” in which “political parties exist for their betterment, their enrichment.”

Join us as Hillier, a longstanding champion of freedom and activist-turned-politician, takes us through the ins and outs of the corrupt political game where billions of dollars are at stake and the seemingly intentional abject failure of the Ontario govt’s response to Covid-19 in which Hillier was the first elected official in the world to speak out against.”

One Bright Light News reader Strelawney wrote:

“It doesn’t matter who is in power. They are all enacting UN Agenda 21. It was Conservative PM Brian Mulroney who signed Canada up to this atrocity in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit. Then, in 2015, Conservative PM Stephen Harper signed Canada up to UN Agenda 2030, the 10 year phase as part of the overall plan for depopulation and totalitarian control aka UN Agenda 21. When Poilievre, as the new leader of the Conservative Party, stated he didn’t know what UN Agenda 2030 was, when it’s plastered all over the government’s websites, revealed himself as an enemy of the people. Also, when I did not give him money to join his party, he removed me from his mailing list after I told him I had lost my job and been disallowed to attend a family gathering even though I had proof I did not have COVID-19.

Trust is gone. All of the agencies and corporations have broken the social contract with the citizens of the world.”

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  1. If Corporation of Canada Operates Under Maritime Law Why Are The Canadian People Voting For These Political Parties? Maritime Law Does Not Represent Supremacy Of God or The Laws Of the Land We the People. They Have No Jurisdiction Over Us. Canadians Young & Old Need To Wake Up And Exercise Their Charter And Bill Of Rights.

  2. Essentially nothing new, however Randy described the dilemma very emphatically..good interview.
    Problem is, that honest people do not want to be involved in politics. It is like you may not want to be involved with mafia. Once you get there you have to sing the prsecribed song…oe else.

    All ‘polluticians’ are crooks bigger than scoliosis, and I have stopped wasting my time voting since almost two decades.
    I wish Randy all the best in his struggle and activities.

  3. I tried to warn people as far back as 2019 that bad stuff was coming. Nobody cared and looked at me like I was an “out there” conspiracy
    type old man. Don`t give in and try living with heart. All the while understanding it`s a tough ride. That`s why Hillier appears to be living out in nowhere land further away from the gunk.

  4. Would SECURITY BONDING of the political party and its candidates help keep the system more honest with integrity from those elected to represent Democracy, Rule of Law and the individual’s informed personal health care consent?
    Not even Max or Derek have supported Security Bonded for their Political Parties, and forthe Senators, and all givernment advisors, and the Elected Representatives. They all seek to control our Taxed Dollars and with no true individual integrity accountability.

  5. He speaks truth – there is NOT A POLITICAL PARTY in Canada that cares about the people. People need to understand this instead of falsely believing they have choice and can vote someone else in to change the trajectory we are on.

  6. So who do we support? He did not mention Bernier or Derek sloan. Not voting is not the answer. Also where is the place in Lanark we can visit? Is it a public place ?

    1. I agree. People have to show them whose alleged values most like, but not stop, as a citizen, at just voting, so they know where to throw a bone or two to seem serious. They need to know you are not ready to be assimilated into the Borg collective, so to speak. I think that would be way worse. Citizens have to be active; not just vote or not vote.

  7. Thank you for posting this interview it confirmed what I thought about some of the current politicians and I learned about how the govt works. I am passing this on to my contacts. There are groups of us that are preparing for whatever they are going to throw at us next.

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