Dr Paul Marik | Why People Died

Why did hospitals neglect safe early C-19 treatments, waiting instead for sicker patients to intubate and administer with the deadly drug remdesivir?

Dr Marik is a distinguished Intensive Care specialist, a pioneer in the successful treatment of Covid-19, and a pioneer in the treatment of injuries from the covid-19 misrepresented genetic injections. Dr Marik is a co-founder of FLCCC.  .

Here is the full interview in which Dr Marik exposes a corrupt medical system. While fighting for his patients lives against institutional covid agenda lies, Dr Marik’s eyes were opened to the extensive corruption and fraud underlying much of the last century of “modern Medicine”. In addition to sharing his research and practice in treating the real pandemic of covid-19 “vaccine” injuries; he also shares how he has cured himself of multiple metabolic disorders including type 2 diabetes, and is helping lead the way in advancing real health care in the USA.

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