Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr Trozzi closing speech for the United Health Conference 

Dr Trozzi gives a heartfelt speech and accurate synopsis of the covid crimes against humanity in closing of the United Health Conference, February 5th.

As the time of scientific covid debate comes to a close, we enter a time of criminal charges against the perpetrators of covid crimes against humanity, and the enactment of long overdue justice. Collectively, it is up to us to make things right, and to pass on a good inheritance to our children and grandchildren.

Looking to God to make right the injustices we have all endured over these last three years may well mean looking within ourselves to be the change we wish to see. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Are we not the ones we´ve been waiting for?

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  1. The nuthouses that we call “universities” created legions of “clever devils” (CS Lewis) with the moral development of a challenged adolescent fifty years ago. That is the essential problem. Christianity requires forgiveness if we are to follow it. I bet they are sorry, (but not the psychopaths that lead departments (Political Ponerology))

  2. Dr. Trozzi there are folks all over the world who pray and support you and all the medical community in the free nations who have fought this horrible evil done to the populace. God is aware and He will judge them for this evil. We love you!!!

  3. Love you too Dr Trozzi (The actual good doctor). You give me hope, courage and guidance with all the great work you do. I’d hate to say it but they do need to swing for their heinous crimes.

    1. Dr Trozzi
      I resonated with your words of exhaustion and how tirelessly you have been in this fight to restore Human rights and freedom back into the Dr. Patient relationship.

      I am so so thankful for your words of encouragement and truth and the Victories you and your team are winning for us the people of the Planet.
      We are the hands and voice of God’s Grace.

      Prayers and Blessings
      Lois Frsncis Wolf

  4. Thank you Dr. Trozzi and all our Canadian doctor heroes for your efforts and sacrifice to expose the lie that is the COVID 19 shot.
    Canadians appreciate all of your efforts and pray that our nation will be delivered from the hands of the enemy.

  5. thanks so….since my Dad was from Quebec and is some native, I am kinda sensitive to God talk, knowing it was shoved down the throats of my Cree or Ojibwa or (?) relatives. So please remember there are a bunch of non God worshipping folks out here who cannot abide by invoking God, however well intentioned you intend. Best and thanks

    1. Thanks Jacquelyn. I support your sentiment. Organized religion has committed many evil horrors in the name of God. Perhaps I should stick with the term Creator as on my home page since the start of my mission. “These three rules, I recognize to be the highest: The Golden Rule, respect for the Creator, and love for the Sacred Mother Earth.” BLessings and thanks.

  6. As above please keep fighting. The demonic psychopaths / sociopaths are working their long term plan. When you watch The Dr. Magda Havas Video, you can see 5G Is the key to controlling the non vaxx’d and getting rid of the remaining vaxx’d.

  7. Hello Dr. Trozzi and Team

    This is not over. Far from it. We must Stop 5G because this is how they will complete the next step of their plan. They don’t care that we know. They knew we would figure it out. They are far from finished. Covid was just a milestone. See below

    Please review below video by Professor Magda Havas. We’ve seen and shared it. It’s actually a wake up call, including take action or become ill and possibly even die call.

    Also below is what Canadian Health Alliance has pointed out what 5G could do to some of the vaxxd.

    Finally, what some people are saying now, (I will verify source) is that many of the diabolical, insidious plans by the psychopaths and sociopaths will not work without 5G.

    So if we stop 5G, we not only stop the means of enslavement of humanity, but the Digital Id’s, Smart Cities, Surveillance systems and more.

    Therefore, above all else, we need to join forces and stop the installation of towers. We are seeing them, but feel helpless to stop their installation as if we are forced to accept them…. as if there is no stopping them. We are turning to survival shields etc. but shielding ourselves is not the solution. We need to stop them.

    Stopping 5G is a key solution to saving our future and the future of humanity. When 5G is turned on it will harm all life. Yes, all forms of life will be harmed, like our food supply. People like us will be dazed, diseased, weak and harmed. Some of the billions of vaxx’d people will go crazy.

    Finally, an excerpt from The Canadian Health Alliance:

    “However, it appears that one of the best strategies for avoiding Marburg, is to avoid the Covid jabs and boosters. According to US Attorney Todd Callender (who is also convinced that the next pandemic will be Marburg), those who have received the Covid shots already have the dormant Marburg virus encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, which will be activated by 5G frequencies. In a nightmarish scenario he goes on to say that those who get Marburg through this process will then become zombie-like, because it affects the frontal cortex brain function.

    Whether this embedding into the lipid nanoparticals and their 5G triggering is true remains to be seen, but from all the research that has come to light over the last couple of years it does appear that the Covid shots and boosters erode natural immunity and increase overall susceptibility to other opportunistic infections and viruses”

    See entire article and all references on their website.

    Below see:
    Canadian Health Alliance
    Executive Director‘s Message
    From: Canada Health Alliance
    Date: March 11, 2023 at 7:00:23 AM EST
    Our Mission

    To champion optimal health through education, scientific inquiry, collaboration, and open discourse that honours our dynamic connection to nature and innate wisdom.

    Executive Director’s Message

    Well, here we are at the end of another tumultuous week which is leaving us reeling from all the drama and frightening news headlines and wondering where it is all leading us to. Well, therein lies the problem; if we allow ourselves to get sucked into the narrative we allow ourselves to be lead into all sorts of dark and dangerous places.

    We need to focus instead on where we want to go, and lead ourselves there, as much by our thoughts as by our actions. We need to keep reminding ourselves of the Hopi elders who said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for” and then we need to step up to the role and responsibility of it.

    It can be challenging, especially with all the distractions and ‘breaking news’ but we need to realize much of this is just theatrics for the sole purpose of keeping us fearful. We need to stay strong and focus on the future we want. Remember the lessons of visualization which we’ve been speaking about over the last few months. That is a divine power which we need to trust, practice and hone.

    People have said to me that this is a time that will test our faith, which is why I believe we need to learn how to improve and strengthen our spiritual wellbeing so we can all get through this test. It is all about having the faith that things will work out, no matter how dark and hopeless they may seem.

    As we are told in Romans 8 verse 28; “…we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” Whether we are practicing Christians, Muslims or any other religion for that matter, by the fact that we are aware of what is going on and have made sacrifices to stand on the side of what is right, we have indeed been called according to God’s purpose. Consequently we can rest assured that in the end all things will work together for good.

    We just need to stay strong in our conviction that God is on our side, and, if we stand together and support each other, we will get through this and, as sure as the dawn follows the darkness of night, sooner or later things will get better and brighter once again.

    Alan Brough

    CHA Executive Director – [email protected]

    1. Thanks Mary. I agree. The 5G towers should be regarded as weapons pointed at us, with extra danger for the injection victims. Tearing them down would be an act of self defense. I have called upon police or military to neutralize them as a matter of their duty. In the absence of that, where are we but with our inalienable right to self defense?

  8. When I have a job again $$ will be donated.
    I am so thankful for and proud of you Dr Trozzi. God Bless you.

  9. Hopefully charges will be brought against those perpetrators of crimes against humanity, however I have my doubts since there is so much corruption. My main concern is if someone that did not get the vaccine and needs a transfusion and get one from someone that had received the vaccine, will he become infected with the virus.?

    1. They will indeed receive the contents of the bioweapon: nanoparticles, mRNA, spike protein, and undisclosed ingredients that may very well be even worse. “Unvaxxed” blood services are being developed by good people.

  10. Great closing speech! I have followed your life story over the past few years. Dr. Mark, you are a very fine, courageous man of high character & principle. I am so thankful for all you have done. Imagine, a guy from rural Bancroft leading the way! There are 1000s like me out there whom you have never heard of. Please stay the course and, if you can, hang in there. If at some point in the future you decide to quit & go back to your old job, we would all fully understand.

  11. Why rely on something that may very well not exist? Get off our knees and act. We help ourselves, no one, nothing else externally of us, can or will. I think that religious indoctrination is no different then the plandemic…fear-mongering the greatest denominator.
    Let’s learn to be aware of the power within each of us and how to access that. THAT is what will bring justice❣️😊

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