Cognitive Dissonance Feedback

Here are several very Interesting first comments I encountered regarding MSNBC Anchor Yasmin Vossoughian and Cognitive Dissonance.

Food for thought

Here are several very Interesting first comments I encountered regarding MSNBC Anchor Yasmin Vossoughian and Cognitive Dissonance. If you haven´t watched it already, may I suggest you consider watching it first, in order to experience your thoughts de nova, before appreciating the interpretation and pontification of other excellent people in our circle?

I found these short comments very interesting! Thanks to the writers.

"I thought my head would explode listening to all her propaganda about the jabs. She was so excited to get that poison pumped into kids I was practically frothing at the mouth in anger. How they kept saying it would protect the kids when it has long been known to not stop transmission in any age group had my hair standing on end too! The one thing that makes me feel a little better is seeing karma in action. Not very Christian of me I'm sure, but that's how I feel about her at this point. I wonder if she ever woke up and finally realized she had been gaslit and had been used as a handpuppet to spread the horror to the masses."
"I’d like Dr Trozzi’s take on WHY so many “Christian” churches/denominations embraced mandates, social segregation and vaxports? Why are “Christian” doctors STILL pushing CrISPR mRNA injections? Why are they reporting us to school boards and the OHIP snitch line? Why do most denominations in Ontario now sound like transfigurist Mormonisim—- NOT Christian? “God gave us CrISPR mRNA technology to use and level up humanity”... ⬆️If CHRISTIAN doctors are pumping transhumanist goals.... how are the remaining non mRNA humans even supposed to find medical care without leaving Canada? Seriously.... who here trusts their doctor? Will take their kids to one? I’m literally going to take my kid overseas and paying out of pocket for a visit. Canada is so broken...How do you reverse transhumanist hive mind? How? I’ll never trust family, friends, neighbours, pastors, doctors, police, teachers, lawyers, judges, professors again. No I can’t."
"Perhaps she has everything coming out of her mouth, or out of her posts anywhere, written for her by AI. She is a robot, in effect. So is the guy she interviewed."
"Exactly what I thought. A robot, on auto pilot, following a script. Zero independent/critical thinking skills. Disturbing beyond belief!"
"She doesn’t just promote cool-aid, she drinks it too. MOST of em do."

Here are is where the comments were made, and here is the video which sparked the conversation.

Here is MSNBC anchor Yasmin Vossoughian latest epic gas lighting episode: she brought her cardiologist on the show to ponder the unusual increase in myocarditis, without even mentioning the so-called “vaccines” role.