Covid “Vaccines” Deaths per dose Israeli and Australian data

A group of researchers have published a study titled: Age-stratified COVID-19 vaccine-dose fatality rate for Israel and Australia.

The "cure" is worse than the disease, especially for the elderly.

Thanks to researchers Denis Rancourt, Marine Baudin, Joseph Hickey and Jeremie Mercier for analyzing Australian and Israeli all-cause mortality and vaccine roll out data.

The Australian and Israeli data indicate the fatality rate per dose of the covid-injections increases exponentially with age. The oldest people are most likely to die from each dose. In Australia the data indicates 1 death per 100 injections in person 85 years and older. In Israel, the data indicates 6 deaths in 1000 injections for persons 80 years and older.

The investigators conclude “Our results imply that it was reckless to prioritize vaccinating those deemed to be in greatest need of protection.”  

Also worth noting is that the many of the toxic effects of these injections are progressive over time, and delayed deaths will likely result in a significant further increase to the calculated deaths per dose.

Here is the full research article

ABSTRACT: It is now well established from autopsy studies and adverse effect monitoring that the COVID-19 vaccines can cause death. The vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR), which is the ratio of vaccine induced deaths to vaccine doses delivered in a population, has recently been measured by us to be as large as 1% in India and when “vaccine equity” campaigns were applied in high-poverty states of the USA, and to be 0.05 % in Australia, with data that is not discriminated by age group. Here, we provide the first empirical evaluations of age-stratified vDFRs, using national all-cause mortality and vaccine rollout data, for Israel and Australia. We find that the vDFR increases dramatically with age for older adults, being exponential with a doubling time of approximately 5.2 ± 0.4 years. As a result the vDFR is an order of magnitude greater in the most elderly population than the all-population value, reaching 0.6 % for the 80+ years age group in Israel and 1 % for the 85+ years age group in Australia, compared to < 0.01 % for young adults (< 45 year olds). Our results imply that it was reckless to prioritise vaccinating those deemed to be in greatest need of protection.