Covid | Public health crisis or military operation?

Is the biggest 3yr “cover-up” in history, fused with the biggest “crime against humanity” in history?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Was the entire covid enterprise a military operation against the people? Was the FDA and NIH involvement just theatrics? Was the department of defence really running the show from the beginning, contracting Pfizer, and deceiving the population in the worst crime against humanity in history? These proposals are no surprise if you recall the list of participants in event 201?

On January 24th, 2023, Silent Partner Media held a Press Conference with experts discussing these revelations. It was hosted by Dr Sam Dube MD PhD, and featured: Sasha Latypova, a prior owner of multiple Contract Research Organizations (CRO) contracted by Big Pharma including Pfizer more than 60 times; Katherine Watt, an acclaimed legal researcher; Phillip Altman, a leading global Contract Researcher; and LTC (Ret) Pete Chambers, a retired Senior US Department of Defense Officer.

Here is a 16 minute excerpt in which legal researcher Katherine Watt explains revelations from US Department of Defence Documents and explains the core information.

Here is the complete press conference with time stamps below

Time stamps

0:00:30 Sam Dube – Host Open

0:00:56 Speaker Introductions

0:03:04 Glen Macko – Overview of DoD Vaccines

0:05:28 Katherine Watt – Legal: Laws, Contracts, FOIA, SEC

0:24:39 Sasha Latypova – Manufacturing, Safety, Quality, Intent

0:33:32 Phillip Altman — Conformation of Skills/Knowledge of Katherine & Sasha

0:38:08 LTC (Ret) Pete Chambers – Vaccine observations in Military

0:46:13 Dr Sam Dube – Guidance on “Going Local” for personal protection

0:56:47 Q&A

1:05:09 Sasha – Problems with RNA fragment and impurities

1:06:57 Q&A

1:15:11 Dr Altman – Interaction with TGE in Australia

1:26:51 Misc Q&A

2:02:56 – – End of Video

Here is a well written article by Vlad Tepes on this DoD reveal