Dr. Mark Trozzi

Covid Truth Reaches Mainstream in Canada

Sauga 960 AM Radio, February 1st, Richard Syrett with Dr Mark Trozzi

Friends, we can stop waiting for covid truth to find a “mainstream” beach-head in Canada. On Feb 1st Sauga 960 AM talk-radio demonstrated real journalism and gave voice to covid truth over the radio waves in Canada. RIchard Syrett and I discussed covid, the injections, deaths and injuries, corrupt medical regulators, and strategies to expose and prosecute the crimes. Here is the recording.

For more real radio journalism tune in to Sauga 960 AM radio in Peel Region in Ontario, visit their website, the Richard Syrett Show, and follow them on social media @RichardSyrett and @Sauga960AM

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  1. My concern as a non vaxxed cancer patient is that when I had breast surgery I ended up with emergency surgery for a hematoma. The next day I was given a blood transfusion. My concern is was that blood contaminated with the covid vax and did it damage my blood and immune system etc? No one seems to have an answer to that. My surgery and transfusion was February 2021. I never gave it a thought till a few weeks after the fact. Any info on this?

  2. Dr. Trozzi,
    I’ve been following you and your crusade for honest medicine for some time now.
    I came across The Wellness Company several month ago through Dr. Peter McCullough
    In fact I called the company to inquire about access by Canadians, but it seems it is early days. We sorely need this pathway here in our corrupted sick-care system in Canada
    I hope you become a cornerstone!
    The challenge will be to show Canadians that our putative health care system is free, when it is mainly a free ride for Big Pharma.

    Keep strong and carry on!

    Jack McCullough
    Vancouver BC

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