Just Released: WHO Pandemic Treaty Zero Draft

The WHO is working through at least two parallel plans to achieve the same objective: an unelected global dictatorship.

Global Dictatorship Plan B

The WHO is working through at least two parallel plans to achieve the same objective: an unelected global dictatorship. These are the IHR amendments, and the Pandemic Treaty.  The IHR amendments are a fast track underhanded path, while the Pandemic Treaty may be a decoy or a plan B. The Pandemic Treaty is more obvious in name, and is meant to  establish the same global dictatorship, though at a slightly slower pace.

Please join me in thanking my friend James Roguski for keeping meticulous vigil on the schemes and back room deals of the World Health Organization. In this 6 minute video, he exposes the contents of the “zero draft” of the Pandemic Treaty published February 1st, 2023.  The WHO continue plotting, on behalf of evil WEF oligarchs, to enslave us all. We must stop them!

James Roguski will be keynote speaker at the World Council for Health General Assembly #76 at 2PM EST on Monday February 13, 2023 in the WCH Newsroom. If you miss the live event, you can watch this, all WCH GA’s, and more here. WCH GA’s can be joined live every Monday at 2 PM EST here. Please help support the World Council for Health here.

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