Some lost Jobs, other’s lost children

We have all been victimized

Throughout the covid-crimes-against-humanity of the past three years, we have all suffered. Good and innocent people have lost jobs, health, loved ones, and even children.

Justice must be served. Human rights and the rule of law must be restored. The fraud, coercion, and assault with genetic injections has been unprecedented; as is their sequel in disease and death.

Unfortunately, many people did not receive placebos or improperly stored vials. Those who were injected with fully functional bioweapons, are people most in need of our help now. Good people have been been deceived, coerced, injected, damaged, and denied. The lost and injured are many.

Justice for the Vaccinated is an organization leading the way. Truth and freedom leaders including myself whom you see in the poster below, are volunteering with Justice For The Vaccinated to put on great events this weekend at the Sheraton Center in Toronto this weekend.

Please help spread the word

Please share this post with others and on social media. I hope you, and your family and friends will join us for all or some of the United Health Conference Fundraiser events this weekend. Let’s recognize and assist many good people who have been deceived, coerced, injected, damaged, and denied.

Injured persons should report their injuries and losses here.

Glen Jung, Bright Light News interview with co-founder of Justice For The Vaccinated Cris Vleck:

A Few Testimonials of Injection Victims:

Last year´s BC bus tour

Dr Trozzi in conversation with Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Stephen Malthouse, and Cris Vleck from the Justice for the Vaccinated tour of British Columbia in September 2022. (BTW the mechanical problems with the bus at that time were very suspicious for vandalism).

Here are more details from the organizers


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