Justice for the “Vaccinated” | United Health Conference

About the Event

Please share this post and spread the word to help fellow Canadians who have been deceived, injected, damaged and denied.

Please join myself and a large diverse group of covid truth and freedom leaders for an amazing weekend February 4th and 5th. You can purchase your tickets here.

The United Health Conference Fundraiser for Vaccine Injured People is a project of Take Action Canada/J4V, in collaboration with Children’s Health Defense Canada, World Council for Health, Vaxxed, Vaccine Choice Canada, The Fringe Majority, Strong and Free Canada, Freedom Rising, Canadian Front Line Nurses, DrTrozzi.org and DoNoHarm. This event, like these organizations, is 100% not for profit.

Here are more details from the organizers:

Dear Friends,

In May of 2022 an idea was born from a great and obvious need.

Canadians were scared, hurt and asking for help as they were injured and had nowhere to turn.

After thousands of volunteer hours, fundraising, connecting and many long days and late nights our 1st ever Canada bus tour hit the road in western Canada to overwhelming relief and reception.

Friends, we can not do this without your support. J4V tours happen through our ongoing fundraising efforts and your generous support.


Tickets are available online and also available for pickup via request at 647-812-9600 (voice or text) for those who wish to pay in cash.

We do have a cut off date for ticket sales so please do not hesitate.

“Bring a Buddy” 10% reduce rates do apply for 3 or more tickets, please contact us at tickets@vaxjustice.org for more details.

The Basics

Stop – Heal – Investigate

Our first priority is to stop the vaccination efforts so that no one else needlessly dies or becomes injured.

Of equal concern is to ensure that those who have been injured receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. We also believe they are entitled to full financial remedy.

We are also dedicated to ensuring that a proper investigation be conducted to determine the extent of deaths and injuries, how this situation came about and to subject anyone responsible to full civil and criminal measures.

The 2-Day United Health Conference Toronto is the 1st ever event that features Canada’s leading experts, doctors, lawyers and influencers all in one place. It is not only a conference but a fundraising event to support victims, those injured by the Covid 19 protocols.

Participants are invited to join in 1+1 conversation with the panellists and engage in robust conversation.

Many Canadians have been injured, we see it every day, from friends, colleagues and family members. Most have been silenced by agencies of public health and their own doctors.

The injuries are not just limited to health. Canadians have been cancelled by their own communities, their employers and even their own religious leaders and financial institutions.

It's time to end the silence! But how?

Join us, interact with the experts, ask your questions of Canada’s leading experts in all areas of concern.

We know we have to step it up but we can not do this without you.

The Justice For The Vaccinated United Health Conference is a critical event in support of all Canadians including our brave doctors, lawyers and experts – many of whom have been attacked as they fight to bring the truth to light.

Friends, J4V was created for all Canadians, it is to bring all the support and resources to those who can not find us. We can only continue because you want us to – and we are letting you know that we can and will continue to go across our beautiful country for as long as we can rely on the success of fundraising.

What are the take-aways from this 2 day conference?

Saturday will offer a full morning of presentations & education, an afternoon of break out rooms for you to ask your questions and get truthful answers from the experts followed by the Dinner with Doctors meet and greet including many of our experts speakers to continue the discussions and story telling from earlier in the day.

Sunday will begin the day at 11am with a viewing of the documentary Vaxxed 2. At 12:45pm presentations focusing on vaccinations, adverse reactions and support resources from Health, Legal and Media Experts. We will also hear Personal Stories of Injury shared by those Suffering in Silence. It is time for truth, education, acknowledgement, support and love to lead the health crisis we are facing today.

Panellists, Speakers and Presenters

· Dr. Mark Trozzi

· Dr. Paul Alexander

· Dr. Sam Dube

· Jody Ledgerwood

· Michael Alexander

· Amanda Forbes

· Cris Vleck

· Christine Colebeck

· Kristen Nagle

· Glen Jung

· Dr. Joe Kellerstein

· Vincent Gircys

· Yogi Sri Radha

· Dr. Chris Shoemaker

· Sarah Choujounian

· B Love

· Tracy Anne Zimmerman

Who are we?

Take Action Canada/J4V, in collaboration with Children’s Health Defense Canada, World Council for Health,Vaxxed, Vaccine Choice Canada, The Fringe Majority, Strong and Free Canada, Freedom Rising, Canadian Front Line Nurses, DoNoHarm Tour, are made up of Canadian volunteers from across the country and is 100% not for profit.

We are mothers, lawyers, educators, shopkeepers, bankers, athletes, students, graphic artists, first responders, doctors, city workers – we are every day Canadians just like you. We have pledged to uphold our liberties, honour our Canadian rights and freedoms and hold those accountable who push the contrary to the Rule of Law.

Why are We?

We have witnessed the injuries as they multiplied, grieved for the ever-increasing sudden deaths, heard the families stories of suffering and witnessed the financial crisis and crippling of our health care system; and we decided to do something about it.

What have we been up to?

Rallies and protests outside the CPSO, Police Headquarters, Media Outlets and the Legislation Buildings ensued. Legal actions and programs, initiatives for our seniors suffering from loneliness, injury and despair. Shinny nights and sports events for our children. Ongoing media and podcasting from our freedom casters. Fundraisers for our frontline workers to get through the holidays, legal challenges to protect our doctors and sometimes we are just that person at the end of the phone when someone needs kindness and support.

Our biggest endeavour to date is the pilot launch of J4V bus tour in British Columbia and Alberta this past fall. The J4V bus tour brought courageous doctors to the stage in various communities to speak the truth and validate the victims of the Government Injury. We toured with volunteers to bring resources and support to the injured. We have given them a safe place to share their stories, report their injuries, pick up useful information for real healthcare support and help them to set up their own support systems within their communities.

Nobody should ever feel alone for being coerced, extorted, assaulted or manipulated by doing what they thought was the right thing for their family, their friends and their community at large. We were all lied to. We are all hurting from these lies.

We must continue to band together as a Nation and help each other.

Please join us Saturday February 4 and/or Sunday February 5 as a Presenter at our Fundraiser Kick-off in Toronto For the Ontario leg of the Justice for the Vaccinated Tour.

Please visit vaxjustice.org to learn more about the J4V initiative or conference.vaxjustice.org for more information on the Feb 4 & 5th Fundraising Conference.