UK Data Shows: The Bioweapon is Working

An important visual: one table tells the story

The bioweapons are working. UK data shows dramatically accelerated dying in all age groups since the middle of 2022.

The SARS CoV2 virus pandemic agenda was rolled out in early 2020. However, despite fear mongering and propaganda, UK total death statistics in 2020 were unremarkable aside from the month of April when there was increased death in mature and older age groups.

The misrepresented and coerced injections were imposed in 2021. Around the world, increased death comes on the heels of the injections.

Despite one red alert after another, the covid machine has continued manipulating, deceiving and injecting people. Two shots, morphed into endless “boosters”.

The UK death statistics for the latter half of 2022 are devastating across all age groups. Even children and young adults have red and crimson alert levels of increased dying.

Solutions: stop the shots, prosecute the crimes, help the survivors.

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