Christine Anderson & 17000 Scientists Stand for Human Rights

I hope it pleases you, as much as it does me, to experience a rare, well informed and honorable politician, basing her opinions on truth rather than propaganda, and standing firmly for human rights and justice, rather than corruption and profit. Bravo to Christine Anderson: exceptional member of the European Parliament!

MEP Christine Anderson 2022-10-20. Prof Perrone European Parliament Conference, Strasbourg

More than seventeen thousand scientists and doctors, including myself, support her, one hundred percent.

Global Covid Summit May 11, 2022 Dr Malone speaks on behalf of 17000 Scientists

The above is an excerpt from the May 11, 2022 Global Covid Summit press conference. The full presentation video and the written declaration are both found here.

Christine Anderson warning us, and calling us to action

Christine Anderson Canadian Tour February 2023

Chrstine Anderson is touring Canada during February. For information and tickets, click here: