Dr Jordan Peterson and CPS Thought Police

The College of Psychologists of Ontario have joined the CPSO and other deviants, in their unlawful weaponization of authority, to impose the globalist agenda in Canada

Dr Jordan Peterson is an author, clinical psychologist, and professor at the University of Toronto. He needs no introduction; he is one of the most studied contemporary non-fiction writers in the English language. He is critical of the radical, globalist-agenda-driven, WEF-infiltrated, Trudeau government. He is always civil, articulate, open to debate, and acts in honor.  

Canada just took another step into our Orwellian nightmare, as Dr Peterson joins myself and many other doctors and health care professionals, who are under attack by lawless professional regulators, for thoughts and words that do not support the agenda of genocidal globalist psychopaths and their minions

Here is a brief video report:

The College of Psychologists of Ontario’s demand for Dr Peterson to undergo re-education and pay $225.00 per hour for it. Notice that he has not signed it, nor does he intend to submit:

This is from the College of Psychologists of Ontario’s website:

Discipline and other Proceedings against Dr Jordan Peterson:

“In a decision released on November 22, 2022, the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee decided to require Dr. Jordan Peterson to successfully complete a prescribed Specified Continuing Education or Remedial Program (SCERP). The substance of the SCERP is a Coaching Program to address issues regarding professionalism in public statements.

Dr. Peterson has filed a Notice of Application for Judicial Review with the Ontario Divisional Court.”


Please join me in signing this petition calling on the Ontario College of Psychologists to rescind their unreasonable, undemocratic, and punitive decision to sentence Dr. Jordan Peterson to mandatory re-education.

Here are more details from Mike Campbell and The CounterSignal.

Location and contact information for the College of Psychologists of Ontario:

The College of Psychologists of Ontario is located at 110 Eglinton Ave W. Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4R 1A3. Their phones numbers are 416.961.8817 and toll free 1.800.489.8388. Their fax number is 416.961.263

The Registrar and Executive Director of the CPS is Dr. Rick Morris – registrar@cpo.on.ca

He must be camera shy because we could not find a picture to share.

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