Canada: Swamp Bottom of Medically “Assisted Dying”

Odessa Orlewicz exposes Trudeau's WEF project to kill sad people, children and unwanted babies

Trudeau and Canada’s Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons are maneuvering to extend euthanasia to sad people, children and unwanted babies. Odessa Orlewicz reveals this and more with USA’s DeAnna Lorraine.

Part 1 | 9 minutes

Odessa continues to expose Canada’s dystopic downward spiral including: Bill C36 which threatens to jail ethical doctors; government panels to choose who gets “assisted in dying”; doctors who oppose this meeting in secrecy; declaring covid injection decliners as insane and drugging them into compliance; covid-injected and dead doctors; the doubling of government officials’ salaries as the covid-crimes-against-humanity are rolled out; Chinada’s propaganda and censorship program; expanding government funded “Psyops”; and the undeclared dangers of the globalists’ push for us to eat bugs.

Part 2 | 21 minutes

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