Court Ordered Injections | A Dangerous Precedent

Defendants forced to choose between maximum sentences or unwanted injections

Judge RIchard Frye is a Franklin County Judge in Columbus Ohio. He recently began including “vaccination” against COVID-19 as a condition of defendants’ terms of probation. One such defendant is a young man named Sylvaun Latham. Here he explains that he was given a choice between five years probation, verses only one year, provided he submit to the dangerous experimental genetic injections.

The science is conclusive that these misrepresented experimental injections do not block infection or transmission; they completely fail as vaccines; but they are very effective bioweapons that obstruct herd immunity, increase covid disease, generate endless covid-19 variants, and are setting records around the world for associated death, disease, and infertility. Judge Frye thinks that coercing people into submitting to the injections will  help the community achieve herd immunity. Honest scientists and real world data disagree; nothing could be further from the truth!  

This sets a dangerous precedent. We must reject and stop this immediately! Please share this within the truth and freedom movement, especially with lawyers and human rights activists.

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