Covid: Top World Experts Explain All

Senator Johnson, Drs Cole, Risch, Thorp, Marik, Kory, McCullough, Wiseman, Malone, Alexander, and more experts.

Here is an all start line up of covid truth scientists and doctors, each concisely delivering the key information about covid-19, the misrepresented injections, the obstructed treatments, the gross public misinformation and malfeasance, and more about the covid-19 plandemic.

On December 07, 2022, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson led a roundtable discussion, “COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries”, to shed light on the current state of knowledge surrounding the vaccine and the path forward. Top Medical experts and doctors who specialize in COVID-19 vaccine research and treatment joined Sen. Johnson at the roundtable and shared best insights.

Here is the video of the full event, indexed and time stamped, so you can make best and efficient use of the material.


6:26 Sen. Johnson: opens the event

10:14 Vaers– Liz Willner: Founder of to make the site easier to read

12:12 V SAFE– Aaron Siri: (intro by Sen. J at 12:12) ; Aaron starts @12:40 exposed more harms and that CDC knowingly left out critical data collection info

21:24 Edward Dowd: Insurance data, disability data– ( intro  at 21:00 ; Ed starts at 21:24)

25:20 Josh Stirling: CDC and international data (intro25:20 ; Josh starts at 25:41) UK data shows the “vaccinated” now suffer higher mortality

29:29 Lt. Officer Theresa Long, MD, MPH, FS: brigade surgeon for the 1st aviation brigade, U.S. Army: military whistle blower. All illness and injury across the DoD 2016- Dec 6 2022 reportable events; 2016:48,793 , 2017:42,617 , 2018:34,812 , 2019:37,032 , 2020:110,958 , 2021(“vaccine”):152,375 , 2022:205,651


32:53 Dr Ryan Cole: Description of virus, why it’s unique and deadly, how it infects, etc.

39:37 Dr Harvie Risch: Virus Epidemiology, age stratified risk, how we overreacted

43:08 Pierre Kory and Paul Marik: how to treat covid – early treatment options that were not used

51:21 Dr Peter McCullough 

55:23 Dr Paul Alexander: answers is mass ‘vaccination’ making things worse? Is it driving variants?

Covid-19 Injections ("Vaccines")

1:01:18 Dr Robert Malone: History of mRNA development

1:07:14 Dr. Janci Lindsay: Vaccine” composition/toxicology

1:11:25 Dr. Wiseman: what was missed in the overall analysis of the release of this “vaccine” within the vaccine check list and a gene therapy checklist

1:13:35 Dr Ryan Cole: changing the definition of “vaccine”

1:14:55 Dr David Gortler: -sks Dr Malone if it’s a vaccine or gene therapy – Malone confirms it’s a gene therapy

How the “vaccine” actually works?

1:15:52 Dr. McCullough: leads the discussion (Dr. Wiseman 1:18:36, Dr. Malone 1:21:24, Dr. Paul Alexander 1:24:13, Dr. McCullough 1:25:24, Dr. Wiseman 1:25:45)

1:27:22 David Gortler: Vaccine” Manufacturing and Regulatory standards

1:32:51  VIDEO – Del Bigtree: What We’ve Been Told in the Media

1:37:47  Sen Johnson: reflects on the invitation – for the fourth time, to discuss what’s in the vaccine at the round table with big pharma, Fauci etc and no one showed

1:39:45  Dr. Peter McCullough: Tests that should have been performed, but weren’t.

1:42:53  David Wiseman: What clinical studies should have been done before releasing this.

1:45:57  David Gortler: Does “safe and effective” need to be proven by the FDA?

1:48:33  David Gortler: How did they bypass the safety and efficacy regulations?

1:50:17  Dr. Peter McCullough: The experts they ignored.  

1:52:29  David Gortler: FDA story about peanuts (a high allergen food) requirements

1:55:21  Dr Malone: Complexity of manufacturing billions of doses and not testing the consistency

1:57:52  David Gortler

How do these “vaccines” cause injury

2:00:49 Bri Dressen: Vaccine” injured

2:03:46 Dr Joel Wallskog: MD

2:08:50 Sen. Dr Roger Marshall (R-KS) OB/GYN: where the injustice is? 3d model of virus and “vaccine”

2:12:35 Dr Malone: Would you have promised long term immunity from the “vaccine”?

What clinicians are seeing?

Different mechanisms that could produce “vaccine” injury

2:15:45 Kirk Milhoan: Myocarditis, – choked up

2:22:12 Kirk Milhoan: Anecdotal evidence of data.

2:23:11 Renata Moon: shows blank “vaccine” insert,

2:26:54 Dr James Thorp Ob/Gyn: What are you seeing in your patients and in your new borns? Gives stats.

2:31:26 Theresa Long: Neurological issues – lists many issues shes seen in her practice

2:33:00 Dr Ryan Cole: Shows and explains how the “vaccines” are causing injury through the immune response, where spike proteins are being found, and clotting.

2:39:15 Dr Malone: to clarify the knowing that this “vaccine” was not going to stay in the arm.

2:42:52 Dr Peter McCullough: what he’s been seeing clinically

2:44:04 Dr Milhoan: describes how way too many people are getting inflammation in the heart

2:45:00 Dr Malone: sites a study Jan 24 2022 that the levels of spike protein of the “vaccinated” are significantly higher than those with a natural response to the infection

2:49:45 a mix discussion: of the lack of caution used with all the information we don’t know with the risks from this mRNA “vaccine” 

2:52:32 Dr James Thorp: Fetal Demise- birth rates are plummeting all over the world…. additional stats.

2:53:42 Dr Theresa Long: An EUA product has no legal recourse for injury – you can not sue the pharma company – no FDA approved lot numbers – the lot number is what gives you a legal recourse

Future plans for mRNA use

2:57:05 Dr McCullough: what needs to be done! Pulling all the “vaccines” off the market. Health care for the injured,

2:58:00 David Gortler 

2:58:58 Dr Malone

3:00:26 Dr Ryan Cole: not good science