Dr Trozzi on Rebel News | Truth Bombs

Facts, Solid Allegations, and Warnings.

The covid criminals, including rogue medical regulators like the CPSO, remain unrepentant. They deny and attempt to cover up the mountain of evidence that these injections are dangerous bioweapons. They have lost all credibility as they continue to claim that the deadly shots are “safe and effective vaccines”. We will not rest until the perpetrators of these crimes in Ontario and around the world are brought to justice. Meanwhile, here is 13 minutes that not only lays their guilt and deception on the table for all to see, but should also spare any sane individuals from being coerced into more of these injections.

Thanks Tamara Ugolini and Rebel News for this great video.

Here is Tamara Ugolini’s article to accompany this interview. It is complete with some great reference links: https://www.rebelnews.com/when_will_health_regulators_follow_the_science_an_update_with_dr_trozzi