Baby Will’s Father calls on Humanity to Arise

New Zealand is under WEF occupation, with treasonous WEF meat puppet Jazinda Adern occupying their prime ministers' office.

Will Savage-Reeves is an infant boy in New Zealand who was born with pulmonary valve stenosis: a congenital condition which requires open heart surgery. The baby’s parents Samantha (Sam) and Cole have always wanted him to have the surgery, but they insisted that the hospital use blood from dedicated donors that have not received the COVID-19 jabs. Will’s parents  organized many unjabbed and blood-type-matched donors, ready and willing to donate their blood for Will. Bizarrely, in keeping with classic communist policies that children belong to the government, and Bill Gate’s policy to poison all of mankind with spike protein producing genetic injections, a court in NZ over-ruled the parent’s rights and refusal for their baby to receive spiked blood, along with the parents’ efforts to provide safe natural blood for him.

Here is the eye opening footage of the state tearing apart mother and child. It shows how depraved New Zealand, like other WEF occupied nations, have become.

Baby Will had his heart surgery, has survived, and is doing well so far. Let us pray that he received natural blood, or that he manages to survive and thrive despite blood clot forming toxins being forced into him during heart surgery.

There are unconfirmed reports that he discretely did end up receiving natural blood for his surgery. Perhaps that will save baby Will’s life. As well, if Baby Will does survive, it will save face for the court, hospital, doctors, and the false claims that “covid-jabbed blood is safe”.  Regardless, the government has flexed its muscles and demonstrated both it’s willingness to tear an infant from his mother, and that they have police who will enforce such heartless decrees.

Here are Will's parents shortly following the surgery:

Here is the World Council for Health’s statement on the case of baby Will in New Zealand

Here, scientifically and ethical intact New Zealand physicians explain, what’s the issue with blood from vaccinated donors?

Here is an in depth interview with the Will's parents prior to the surgery, with one of the most censored voices in the world