Dr. Tribunals in Canada – sadly not the Nuremberg type, yet

Drs Luchkiw, Phillips, Trozzi, and Michael Alexander JD , with Wayne Peters on What's Up Canada

Perversely , across Canada and in much of the world, the most ethical and scientifically accurate medical doctors are under attack from  medical regulators. The medical regulators have become  enforcement tools of the criminal covid enterprise.  Wayne Peter’s recently interviewed Attorney Michael Alexander, Dr Crystal Luchkiw, Dr Patrick Phillips, and myself Dr Mark Trozzi.  We are three of the approximately 100  Ontario doctors who are currently being unlawfully persecuted  for maintaining our oaths and morals during the covid era. We are taking a stand against the abuse of Ontarians and our physicians, by the unlawful and weaponized College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Regarding this Interview, Wayne Peters wrote:

There is a very high profile Medical Tribunal under way, sadly its intent is to punish 3 highly recognized and credible MD’s for practising good morals, ethics, and treatments.

Michael Alexander, counsel for Drs. Mark Trozzi, Patrick Phillips and Crystal Luchkiw as well as all of the Doctors will be joining us to inform as many folks as they can reach about this pivotal case discussing the state of “Medical Disorder” in Canada.

The Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons is attempting to have their Medical licenses revoked. In a time of such critical shortages in the health care field this can only be seen as “political persecution”, which means it is up to the court of public opinion to weigh in on the politics being weaponized to our nations detriment. Initially the CPSO live streamed the hearing to a YouTube account, after an overwhelming number of views they have since now removed the video.

To get more background on this case: