Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr Trozzi Uncensored Interview with Bright Light New

Covid-19 Is a Deceptive Criminal Campaign. One of our best interviews to date!


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Glen Jung of Bright Light News interviewed me on the sidelines of the recent Better Way Conference in Vienna. We discussed my personal experiences that led me away from the emergency department and University, to a full time mission in the truth and freedom movement. Plus we had a wide eyed view of our current situation, assets, challenges, and next steps.

Glen Jung wrote: “Dr. Mark Trozzi, never one to hold back, speaks frankly about the “Covid Criminal Enterprise, the toll on his life for speaking out and the way forward.”

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a doctor without prejudice that can help me. I am having issues with bleeding since March 2021. I live in Lindsay Ontario and I need a doctor that will listen. I am not vaccinated and it is happening around vaccinated people. I am not being taken seriously and being pressed onto psychological treatments when it’s physical. I cannot work as I’ve passed out and hit my head on two separate occasions being in vaccinated environments. I have paid into disability for 23 years and doctors refuse to complete the paperwork as they say it’s in my head that my vagina is bleeding. I cannot find your email address anywhere to contact you directly.

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