Canada’s “Deputy Prime Minister” Chrystia Freeland is a Dangerous Joke

See Chrystia Freeland’s dishonesty and disconnect

Canada’s “Deputy Prime Minister” Chrystia Freeland would be nothing more than a joke, if she wasn’t so dangerous. She is a devout agent of the WEF. They are a hostile foreign enemy working to destroy our country, health, constitution and rights, while creating a dystopian global dictatorship.  

This past week she testified at the Emergencies Act Inquiry. She attempted to justify her and Trudeau’s invocation of the modern version of the War Measures Act. They used this to violently crush the Truckers Rally and violate the rights of Canadians, including our freedom of assembly, speech, property and peaceful protest. Bright Light News compares her claims with reality. We pray and work for justice; the prosecution of Trudeau, Freeland and others; and the return of the rule of law and human rights to Canada.

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