Brandy Vaughn Whistleblower Dies Suspiciously

Brandy Vaughn, a valiant "big pharma" whistleblower, who died suspiciously. Her message is vital to hear and share.

Thanks Awake Canada for all your great work, including bringing Brandy Vaughn to our attention.  

Before Covid, Viox was a high profit deadly drug. It made Merck a fortune and killed between 50,000 and 500,000 people. Brandy Vaughn was an employee of Merck Pharmaceuticals; her job was to promote viox. When she realized the “profit over people” philosophy of the murderous lot in big pharma, she walked out. She became a valiant whistle blower and fought hard in the covid war. After threats, and multiple break ins to her home, 44 year old Brandy was found dead by her son on December 7, 2020. We shall not forget her. Here is a motivating and informative video featuring her messages and insights into the evils of “big pharma” and the danger they present to us all.

Comments from Awake Canada

“Brandy was speaking out and whistleblowing on the inner workings of Big Pharma. I was watching her live videos when she was showing that her house was being broken in and she was receiving threats. She said she would not back down and keep on speaking out. After about 3 videos showing the break ins, and her fear, she was found dead at her house. It was not suicide.  It was murder. This was shortly after the announcement of the Pandemic. These companies are beyond sinister. They have captured our medical systems. They are paying our College of Physicians and Surgeons to push lies. Watch this documentary on a true hero that died exposing the truth about Big Pharma.”