Vaccines verses plumbing

What saved us from diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, measles, typhoid, and scarlet fever?

First may I emphasize that the misrepresented and toxic genetic covid injections are completely distinguished from all preceding real vaccines (See: onetwo, three, four). The covid injections ultimately have negative efficacy (they cause more covid disease).  Worse yet, in one year they are associated with multiples more deaths and injuries than all vaccines, for all diseases, for all of the preceding thirty years combined.


Disease, vaccines, and plumbing

The covid-crimes-against-humanity and the pharmacology industry’s central role in the abuse,  killing, and profiteering are eye opening and grotesque . It should make even generally pro-vaccine physicians want to have a second look at the dogma that we were taught about real vaccines: “vaccines are great, totally safe, and they delivered mankind from plagues of infectious disease”. Is that true?

Here is a 3 minute video that simply presents some facts regarding the last one hundred years of disease, vaccines, and plumbing in the USA. Please draw your own conclusions.