Captain Alan Dane | Danger: Injected Pilots

Pilots around the world have been coerced into the poisonous covid-19 genetic experiment. Air travel just became a lot more dangerous!

Captain Alan Dana reports on some of the recent scary events involving covid “vaccine” poisoned pilots. 2 minutes.

Captain Dana is a highly experienced pilot who has always taken good care of his health. He holds British, US, and Australian professional Airline Transport Licenses, including an FAA Accident Prevention Councillor designation. His total experience is over 35 years, now exceeding 23,000 flight hours. When his employer Qantas insisted he take a novel Covid-19 injection, Alan refused. Qantas fired him. In addition to alerting the public of the dangers we now face on airplanes, Captain Dana and other flight crew members are taking Qantas to court.

Here is Captain Dana’s full November 7, 2022 presentation to the World Council for Health titled “The Implications of the Experimental Covid-19 Injections on Air Travel.”

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