Dr Christof Plothe | Sugar Secrets & Shrinking Brains

Life changing insights for all of us, especially for diabetics.

Did you know that sugar is 8 times as addictive as cocaine? That obesity comes with a smaller physical brain and fewer brain cells? That artificial sweeteners still stimulate insulin, cause obesity, and damage our gut flora? Today’s video post brings you deep and very practical insights into sugar. Even experts will be surprised – I was. Here is Dr Plothe’s presentation from the Nov 7, 2022 World Council for Health Assembly.  There is a one minute clip about small brains, and the full presentation which is worth watching with a notepad.

“So, they looked at overweight people with a BMI of 25 to 30 — they had 4% less brain tissue, four billion fewer brain cells, and the brain looked eight years older than those of healthy people. That’s quite convincing to me to look at our weight.”

The full presentation is well worth watching with a notepad.

Christof Plothe, D.O. is an osteopath and author. He works in the field of integrative medicine, combining naturopathy, environmental medicine, and holistic dentistry with conventional medicine. He is a beloved fellow member of the steering committee for the World Council for Health and also sits of the Board of Directors for EbMCsquared.