Traitors, Killers, Fauci, & Justice | Dr Shoemaker & Trozzi

Here is the third and final part of my recent robust conversation with Dr Chris Shoemaker on Nov 2, 2022.

Here we dive into the covid-crimes-against-humanity with special focus on Anthony Fauci whom Dr Shoemaker accurately describes as the worst traitor on Earth.

Dr Shoemaker gives a concise summary of Fauci’s covid crimes, including his role in creating both the SAR-C0V2 virus and the much more deadly mRNA “vaccine”. We also discuss Fauci’s role in suppressing safe treatments for covid-19, and orchestrating the promotion and profiting of the deadly injections.

This is a red alert to the American police, military, militia, and whomever else’s duty it is to defend the people. Fauci unlawfully took American tax payer dollars and sent it off to produce a viral bioweapon. He set up a shelved company that he founded called Moderna (modern rna) to produce the much more deadly portion of the bioweapon: the genetic mRNA injections. Fauci was instrumental in blocking the treatment of covid infections, so it could be used to prod the American people into being taxed further to poison themselves and their children, while making  record profits for Moderna.

Lastly Dr Shoemaker and I discuss detoxifying and treating the effects of the poisonous covid injections.

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