Dr Sucharit Bhakdi’s Urgent Message

Why the covid "vaccines" can never work. How they are destoying human lives. Microscopic images from autopsies. A call to come together, be human again, and overcome the covid psychopaths.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is a world-renowned virologist and professor of microbiology. He has made major discoveries in the fields of immunology and virology. In addition to his scientific brilliance, he embodies compassion. So it is no wonder that he is not on the sidelines, nor in big pharma’s labs participating and profitting in the covid crimes against humanity. Rather, he is sharing his scientific knowledge and wisdom, warning us all , and calling on scientists, physicians, politicians and others to look at the facts, and change course.

In September, Dr Bhakdi made his first in-person appearance of recent years. It was at the Better Way Conference in Vienna Austria. Canada’s Glen Jung of Bright Light News interviewed him on the sidelines, and shared this excellent video encorporating their interview and sections of Dr Bhakdi’s presentation at the conference.

Here is a two minute trailer where Dr Bhakdi shows and describes the severe and unprecedented pathology caused by the covid injections.

Dr Bhakdi explains why these so-called “vaccines” can never work for preventing or fighting covid infection. He explains that instead they poison the body and begin a highly destructive process in which our own immune system destroys our blood vessels and tissues throughout the entire body.

“Mankind is being destroyed” and Dr Bhakdi calls on scientists, physicians and others to look at the mountain of solid evidence. “A medic who murders people is the worse criminal alive.”

Dr Bhakdi notes that he is “terribly worried” for Canadians, as the Canadian government “is doing things that are blatantly criminal; they are killing people”.

Regarding the evil genius of the covid criminals, Dr Bhakdi identifies their use of fear and mind control; breaking people’s will, and dehumanizing us. They have “marionettes” in governments world wide, especially places like Canada and Australia. “The compliant politicians know what they are doing.”

On the bright side of this dark situation, Dr Bhakdi explaines that “Our immune system is better than their virus.” He invites and encourages us to come together, be human again, and overcome these psychopaths.

Here is the full Bright Light News interview with Dr Bhakdi. It is rich with information and well worth viewing:

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Here is the full Bright Light News transcript of this Dr Bhakdi interview.

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