Risk vs “Benefit” of Covid 19 “Vaccinations” for Children

Pediatrician Dr Ross Jones, with small commentary by Dr Mark Trozzi. Help Save Children Today.

If we seem obsessed with saving children’s lives, it because we are. I imagine you are too. Please allow Dr Ros Jones, 20 minutes plus 10 minutes Q and A,  to fully arm you with knowledge for this mission. Today is the day to full-stop the violation of everyone, especially children.

Dr Ross Jones from the October 31, 2022 meeting of the World Council for Health.

Dr. Ros Jones is a retired Consultant Paediatrician with a special interest in neonatal intensive care and paediatric HIV. She has served on the Advisory Committee of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit and on the Education & Training committee of the RCPCH. An active member for many years in the British Perinatal Trials Group, she was also involved in reviewing NICE guidelines alongside some time editorial. Since retiring from the NHS, she has undertaken several tours teaching on SAFE Obstetrics courses in countries in Africa.

MT's bullet notes from this lecture:

The risk of dying from covid-19 is about 1 in 2 million for natural  children who have not been injected.

Even the oldest natural age group, over 90 years old, with the highest risk, have only 5% mortality from covid-19. That would be  much  lower if people were not denied safe treatment that includes ivermectin. It’s a crime really.  

The misrepresented so-called Covid-19 “vaccine” injections have a very much higher risk of death for all age groups.

Based on post market adverse events analysis, which is horrific,  it is bizarre that these injections have not been pulled off the market long ago.

Regarding covid-19, 99% of children are already naturally immune; The injection can only do them harm, and lots of it. The adverse events (side effects) are worse in people who are already immune, i.e. 99% of children.  

These injections decrease the child’s ability to build a healthy normal immune response to covid infections.

They have negative efficacy by 6 weeks post 2nd dose; that means the child is more likely to get sick with covid if they have been injected.

~ 10% of USA children miss at least one day of school after the jab due to AE’s.

The Pfizer trial for 0-4 year olds with 3 doses is very fishy (Dr Ross presents the details).

Thankfully only  6% of children in this youngest group have been injected until now. Many parents are learning the truths.  

 An M T comment: The general public are accustomed to the vaccine debate before covid. There are very real concerns, but nothing on the level of these genetic misrepresented injections. Calling these injections “vaccines”, made them appear far more benign than reality. They are experimental genetic injections that permeate every organ and tissue in the body, and stimulate human cells to produce and coat themselves with a toxic foreign customized viral protein.

Let us not go along with one of the industry’s big lies: calling these injections “vaccines”

Stop the injections, save the children.

To help stop the criminal assault on children in school, Mama Bears has an Official Notice to send to the schools.

Dr Mark Trozzi related thoughts: Help Save Children Today

“Please do not let another child be poisoned, damaged, have their life shortened , or be killed. These fraudulently promoted, dangerous genetic injections alter human cell activity such that our own cells manufacture, en’mass, the most poisonous (and patented) element of the SARS C0V2 virus: the spike protein. In addition to directly poisoning many ACE2-receptor rich tissues and organs; this spike protein also causes mass immune system failure. It worsens coronavirus infections, poisons many organs including our brain, heart, and reproductive organs. As bad as all that is, it also causes a massive pseudo-autoimmune disease. The child’s  immune system attacks his or her own cells (even immune cells). They have been genetically hacked and are producing the foreign poison spike protein that marks these cells for attack. Children are up to 100 times more likely to die within 8 months after one injection, than they would be without the injection.

This is not by mistake. This is a mass crime against humanity; mass murder and assault; founded on fraud, so there is no indemnity for the perpetrators.

You , like me, may not like war, nor want to live in it; but when someone else is killing and damaging us and our children, what else would we call it? Denial never works.

We call upon police, military, courts, militia, teachers, politicians, doctors, nurses, parents and all good people, to do our duty. Save the children. Save each other.

Here is more great written material and video regarding children and the so-called covid-19 “vaccines”