The Facts Do Not Support Trudeau’s Violence

The corrupt Canadian political class feed the fake media with stories, which they then refer to as facts and use to justify their wicked deeds.

Do you recall last February when Canadians held the largest and most peaceful protest in our history: the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy? Trudeau ran into covid hiding and refused to speak with the people. Instead, he played his hand as an oppressive dictator and violently crushed the peaceful protest by invoking the modern version of the War Measures Act, currently just called the Emergency Act. Trudeau earned stern criticism from around the world.

We are currently in the midst of a public inquiry into the invocation of the Emergency Act by Trudeau on Feb 14th, 2022. We are hearing very different stories from the politicians and their propagandists on one side, and the experts and real people on the other.

Here is a great interview by Glen Jung of Bright Light News with Constitutional Lawyer, Eva Chipiuk. They discuss the testimony of the Ontario Provincial Police Intelligence Officer, Pat Morris, which essentially refutes all the claims the government and their media puppets made to justify their violence and violation of human rights. The protest was indeed peaceful and proper; the dinosaur media, Trudeau, and his other allies lied; the Emergency Act was completely unjustified… in my opinion.

Check out this story and extensive covid era real investigative journalism from Bright Light News. Please help us to support this rare and special source of real journalism in Canada

Also, here is a cool site where together people are co-creating a library of video footage during the Freedom Convoy and mapping it.

More information + listen to the hearings

Here is more information about the public inquiry into Trudeau invoking the Emergency Act:

Public hearings occur  from Thursday, October 13 until Friday, November 25. The hearings take place every weekday except Remembrance Day, Friday Nov 11. The hearings  begin at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time each day and may run until 6 p.m. or later if required. Here you can access the live webcasts as well as recordings of prior days: