CDC ACIP Approved Mandatory Poison Death Shots for Children

More corruption, profit, legalist-trickery, and reasons to hang. Dr Malone, Dr McCullough, Dr Wolf, and Steve Kirsch discuss.

This puts all children in grave danger. In the deluded and perverse world of legalism , this approval ends the need for Emergency Use Authorization and frees the Drug Companies and their Executives from liability.

Children will die, but the CDC still votes to keep themselves out of prison at any cost. Their vote serves to protect them and their fellow covid criminals, to protect pharma companies and executives from liability, and to keep the tax payers forced to finance the poisoning of themselves and their children.

We must reject this, and restore justice.

October 18, 2022: Here we see the 16 members of CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices as they vote unanimously to jab the children, and protect the criminals. They all say “no conflicts… yes” with the same enthusiasm and honesty used to parrot the phrase “safe and effective”.

Here Drs Malone, Wolf, McCullough and Steve Kirsch expose and discuss this:

Making Matters Even More Diabolic:

Now that the US tax payers are “forced to finance the poisoning of themselves and their children”, Pfizer plans to hike the price by four times.