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Dr Shoemaker | Our government has failed us miserably

Canada's federal government, and all our provincial governments have ignored Dr Shoemaker's respectful communications. Reckless misrepresented injections and denied covid treatment continue.

Here is an update on Dr Shoemaker’s efforts to alert and inform our federal and provincial governments. Regardless of the WEF infested governments neglect and failure in their duties, Dr Shoemaker continues on the vigilant path to inform and protect Canadians, especially our children.

On October 2, 2022 we reported to you regarding Dr Chris Shoemaker and Karen Rucas’s September 26th, 2022 letter to the Public Health Agency of Canada and the National Advisory Committee on Immunizations. They were sharing solid and vital information that calls for Canadians to have access to safe, affordable, effective treatment for the anticipated season of covid infections ahead; and a halt to the failed and dangerous experimental covid injections, especially in our children. Sadly Dr Shoemaker reports that they have received zero responses from any of the federal agencies and persons who received the concerned doctor’s communication. That is Drs. Tam, Njoo, Kochhar, Deeks and PHAC and NACI Representatives. They have completely ignored the good doctor, the science, and the needs of Canadians. Klaus Schwabb and WHO Director Tedros (1, 2, 3) must be very pleased with them; we certainly are not!    

You may also recall Dr Shoemaker’s respectful and detailed letter to all Canadian premiers and provincial governments. We posted this on October 6. On September 30th Dr Shoemaker and his team sent the package to 280 recipients in all provincial governments, including all the premiers. He has not received a single response or acknowledgement from any of them. These politicians support mass genetic experimentation on Canadians including children, and the denial of safe and effective treatment for covid; meanwhile they refuse to read or communicate with a very credible veteran Canadian physician who is committing everything he has to help us.  

While Dr Shoemaker continues trying to find a pulse somewhere in our governments; he continues informing Canadians so that we might survive these times, and so that our children might have a meaningful and healthy future. Please heed and share his advice.

Not a single healthy child under 18 died from covid-19

Experimenting on children and increasing risk of death by many times

We know that these injections are dramatically harming and killing children

Here is Dr Shoemaker’s new homepage: https://mamabearsproject.com/dr-chris-shoemaker/

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