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New American & Dr Trozzi | What is in the covid injections?

We’ve never injected people with crazy cocktails like this!

Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American requested an interview after she read my September 23, 2022 article titled: What´s Really in the Covid “Vaccines”. I was happy to oblige. Here is our October 11, 2022 thirty minute interview discussing the disclosed and undisclosed contents of the deadly injections.

Here is the article which sparked this interview: What’s Really In The Covid “Vaccines”? There, in addition to my concise report, you will also find the full report of the German Working Group. It is complete with many excellent, albeit scary, microscopic images: both light and dark field as well as electron micro-graphs. There is no need to wonder what’s in the shots. We know; and people should be arrested over this!


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