Dr Pierre Kory on Disillusionment

"I did not understand we were striking at the very heart of the pharmaceutical industry"

Here is a brief but profound message from FLCCC co-founder Dr Pierre Kory. Dr Kory is one of the global leaders in the science and ethics of treating both covid infections, and injuries in  survivors of the misrepresented and coerced genetic covid injections. Dr Kory describes how doing his job as an intensive care specialist and advancing the use of ivermectin in the context of the covid era, brought him and others under attack. It revealed to him the profound evil at the heart of the current pharmaceutical industry.

This is a small excerpt from Dr Kory’s presentation at the recent Better Way Conference in Austria. Please help thank and support our Austrian friends We Show Our Faces (Wir zeigen unsere Gesichter) who organized and hosted the epic events in Vienna. They continue at the front lines of the fight for truth, freedom and justice in Europe.