A Strange Accusation

This past summer, I took a significantly deep dive into the questions of germ verses terrain theories; and whether viruses and particularly SAR C0V2 actually exist? In addition to my independent investigation, I attended a presentation and Q and A with Dr Wahg. Also, under the excellent chairmanship of Drs Kathrada and Verkerk, we in the Health and Humanities Committee of the World Council for Health, investigated, and debated these questions.

On September 5th, I shared my personal conclusions on these questions in a video titled  “Germ & Terrain Reality. Is SARS CoV2 real?” At the same time, Dr Rob Verkerk PhD founder of ANH International published an excellent article titled “Does the virus exist? A critical need for resolution“.  That’s all fine and I hope you enjoyed what we each shared.

However, since Sept 5, something strange has happened; Dr Verkerk, myself and other  scientists with similar conclusions have been accused of something bizarre.  

I hope you will find this worth ten minutes. There may be something important here for our unity and success.

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