Dr Shoemaker’s Letter to the Canadian Government

Please read, share, and support Dr Shoemaker's letter to the Public Health Agency of Canada and the National Advisory Committee on Immunizations


Dr Shoemaker remains vigilant and active in the fight for Canadians.

The covid-19 injections destroy immune systems (see: one, two, three, four, five). Coronavirus variants continue evolving in the high viral loads that thrive in our coerced and injected friends and families. The synergistic effect of the man-made virus, and the injections is a biologic disaster with the most “vaccinated” people succumbing most dramatically to the variants that they have been used to grow. Even if justice is delivered tomorrow and we see lawful imprisonment of the likes of Tedros, Fauci, Gates, Schwab, Trudeau and others; we still have a huge human health disaster evolving which requires solutions. The two best strategies are simple. First, stop the so-called “Covid 19 vaccines”. Second, treat the anticipated plethora of covid infections that crescendo in the most “vaccinated” and therefore immunosupressed individuals among us. Treating these covid infections requires known safe and effective treatments, include the antivirals ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin.

Dr Shoemaker and Karen Rucas O.T. have penned a letter to the Public Health Agency of Canada and the National Advisory Committee on Immunizations. The letter is below and has my full support. It provides plenty of evidence and solid logic in support of its two requests:

  1. Liberate Canadian physicians and patients to have access to these safe, affordable, and effective medicines
  2. Halt the injection of these failed and dangerous genetic experiments into our children.

This letter has my full support. Please read it and share it around the world. It is well referenced with links throughout that make it very useful document for all of us including activists, educators and good lawyers.  

The Canadian government has had deaf ears for honest physicians, scientists, and truckers alike. Sharing this open letter within Canada and internationally should help increase the pressure for the occupied Canadian government to stop the assault on our health, freedom, honest physicians, and real science.