Smiling Faces and Beautiful Hearts Together In Vienna

The love and power of kind souls, is amplified when we are together.

Here is a great short photo tour from the side-lines of last week’s Better Way Events in Vienna Austria.

I hope that it warms your heart, and that you have fun spotting some of your favourite faces in the covid truth and freedom movement.

I am very grateful to our Austrian friends at We Show Our Faces, for providing my travel and accommodations. This allowed me to attend and participate fully.

Many advances were made in knowledge, teamwork and strategy during these five days together.  Good things are happening, and we will have lots more to share in the weeks ahead.

Thanks to my dear friend and one of South Africa’s contemporary heroes, Shabnam Palessa Mohamed, for sharing both videos here.

Here is Shabnam Palessa Mohamed and one of Canada’s youngest truth and freedom activist together on the rally stage in Vienna September 18th: