Iron Will’s Warnings in Vienna

Canadian Iron Will Dove's intense analysis of the globalist predators' evolving assault against us, as premiered to an international audience in Vienna Sept 15, 2022.

This is not for the faint of heart, nor those who hold tightly to rose colored glasses. However, if you agree that denial is not part of the cure, then you will definitely want to watch this and consider Iron Will’s synthesis.

Agenda and Fallout - The Next 50 Years | Iron Will

The Better Way Media Conference in Vienna

September 15th was the first day of the Better Way Media Conference in Vienna co-hosted by We Show Our Faces (Wir zeigen unsere Gesichter), and the World Council for Health. New  genuine “alternative” media personalities from around the world came together with activists and scientists including myself. This global think tank of covid truth telling leaders included Canada’s Glen Jung of Bright Light News and Iron Will Dove of Strong and Free Canada. Today, we wish to share Iron Will’s presentation which is his very well produced analysis of the globalist agenda, of which covid-19 is one major element.

Iron Will has been studying the covid agenda and the globalists’ actions and plans intensely since the launch of covid against us. He has interviewed many scientists, doctors, politicians, lawyers, economists, activists, psychologists, and other important experts. We have shared many great Iron Will interviews over the past two years.  

Here from Vienna is Iron Will’s analysis and synopsis of the past two years and his predictions of dangers ahead.

Warning: the actions and intentions of the global predators are very dark; hence Iron Will’s presentation is not appropriate for children. Meanwhile the harsh realities of the globalists’ actions and plans should not paralyze us with fear, but motivate us to intelligent ambitious and coordinated actions to derail their agenda and ensure our survival. This is not a spectator sport.

Over the days and weeks ahead we will share more material from the September 15 through 18 Better Way Media Conference, Medical Science Conference, Freedom Rally, and Press Conference in Vienna. This will include evolving strategies and tactics to avert the dangers we are facing.  

Included is a panel which I hosted Saturday Sept 17th. In that panel Dr Geert VandenBossche, Dr Rob Verkerk, Dr Robyn Cosford, and Dr Josh Guetzkow joined me to discuss the state of the pharmacology industry and what its role should and should not be in the future that we are striving to create together.

Our Austrian Allies Need Help:

The Better Way Conference and events in Vienna brought many advances to the global efforts for truth and freedom; this includes knowledge and materials we will be sharing over the weeks ahead, as well as strategic advances in coordinating the MD’s, scientists, new-media, ethical lawyers, activist leaders, and others, in our goal to stop the covid crimes and prevent further abuses that the WHO and their accomplices have planned for all of us. The entire program in Vienna was funded and organized by the Austrian covid truth and freedom organization called We Show Our Faces (Wir zeigen unsere Gesichter). This included travel and lodging for many covid experts and leaders from around the world including myself. This assistance was necessary due to the institutional, governmental, and financial abuse that we receive for telling the truth and countering the criminal covid agenda; many of us are income free, and would not have been able to attend without the support.

Two weeks before the Vienna events began, the Austrian government announced that they anticipate a 500% increase in heating and fuel costs in Austria over the months ahead. That translates into a huge hit to the Austrian economy. Sadly, this caused many sponsors of the Better Way events to remove or greatly reduced their pledged support. This has left the Austrian group in a difficult financial bind. I assure you we are all going to benefit from the things we accomplished and set into motion last week in Vienna. If you are in a position to help our fellow freedom fighters in Austria, here is the link to their donate page:

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