The Trozzi Report Ep 3 | Dr Jackie Stone Scientific Jewels

Zimbabwe's profound success treating covid; Ivermectin saving lives; remdesivir failures and harms; and the power of silver explained.


Dr Jackie Stone MD is a biochemist and veteran primary care physician with extensive training and experience in infectious disease management including covid-19. In Zimbabwe, she’s had consistent and profound success treating all covid 19 variants using minimal resources.

Many covid patients in “wealthy” nations die. They are denied simple early outpatient treatments including ivermectin. After deteriorating without treatment, they are intubated and poisoned with Remdesivir. Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, Dr Stone has consistently had near 100% success using simple outpatient management. Dr Stone’s patients thrive and survive. In the context of her treatment strategies, covid is a mild disease that is easily treated at home.

Her treatments include ionic and nonoparticulate silver. In the following presentation, Dr Stone also explains the biochemical foundations of this ancient safe substance’s power against infectious diseases including covid-19, as well as spike protein poisoning  caused by the genetic “vaccine” injections.

I have had the opportunity to attend excellent presentations by Dr Stone within international medical scientific committees including the Health and Humanities Committee of the World Council for Health, where she and I serve together. I am very grateful to Dr Stone. I wanted everyone to have access to this knowledge. At my request, she took extra time to make this presentation with me privately on zoom, so that you too can have access to her important insights.

Please find time to acquire and share Dr Stone’s knowledge. Please share this with clinicians and others around the world, so everyone can have safe effective treatment for all variants of covid.

Dangerous genetic experiments and expensive toxic patented drug such as Remdesivir are a plague. Here’s the simple effective treatment for covid.

Let’s end the fear, suffering, death, and abuse. These safe effective affordable treatments are also key to ending the global “health”dictatorship”, and returning human rights to our world.