Urgent Action: Exit the World Health Organization

Friends please take some time for this mass action to help liberate ourselves and our world

#ExitTheWho #StopTheWHO #BoycotTheWHO

Introduction to ACTION

The Target

As you know from prior material the WHO is the conduit through which the criminal covid enterprise taxes, manipulates, and enforces everything from lockdowns, to masks and forced deadly injections on all of us. WHO director Tedros is a nefarious character with a corrupt and violent record, who maneuvered himself into position as the dictator of the WHO. Under his abusive rule, the WHO is on a constant program to grab more power, when they already have too much and have become a completely destructive force in the world that needs to be terminated for the good of us all.

Also, you may be aware that the WHO has been crafting two paths to a drastically enhanced level of global power over us: The Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, and the Amendments to the International Health Regulations. If they succeed by either path, they will have the paperwork in place to over-rule national and personal sovereignty around the world. They have politicians from many nations poised to sell us out and over-rule our constitutions and civil rights. The past two years has been bad, but they are poised to make it far more severe. We must stop them; one way or another.

The WHO has a history of quietly constructing a veneer of public input into their propaganda, so they can claim that we all agreed to the abuse that they dish out. In this fashion, on Friday September 2nd, the WHO under dictator Tedros, quietly placed a narrow opening for public input on a back page of their website near the bottom of this page: https://inb.who.int/home/public-hearings

"Second round of public hearings

For the second round of public hearings (29-30 September), guided by the question: “Based on your experience with the COVID-19 pandemic, what do you believe should be addressed at the international level to better protect against future pandemics?”, interested parties will be invited to submit a video statement (of up to 90 seconds, accompanied by a transcript). Statements can be submitted in any of the six official WHO languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish).

The submission period will open on Friday 9 September and will close on Tuesday 13 September 2022.

Two compilations of video statements, each of three hours, will be broadcast from the WHO website. One will air on 29 September and the other on 30 September.

The compilations will be prepared by the WHO Secretariat, taking into account the need to ensure propriety, appropriateness and decorum during the public hearings, as well as gender balance and equitable geographical representation. Video statements that are not included in the compilations will be accessible from the WHO website, provided they also meet the requirements of propriety, appropriateness and decorum. These video statements will be made available as soon as possible after the closure of the public hearings; the timing will depend on the number of submissions received.

Further information on how to submit a video will be accessible from this page when submission opens."

Tight deadlines, short notice

Notice that they give only 7 days notice, a leading question, 90 seconds, no info on how to submit the video until the day they briefly open submissions for just four days with two being weekend days, and they will choose which ones they will show in their compilations. I am sure their video will show people supporting the WHO getting more power over us, and more money from us.

So here’s the plan (with an added caution, found in the next paragraph regarding direct submissions to the WHO ). Let’s please all make a 90 second or less video with your real thoughts about the WHO. On Friday (tomorrow) go here and scroll down for the directions that should then be there for uploading your video or link, as well as your written transcript of what you say.

Last minute caution regarding uploading to the WHO: Last minute caution regarding uploading to the WHO:

Here is the updated World Council For Health plan and recommendation which takes into account last minute changes that the WHO posted, including digital ID requirements and other concerning language which has increased our caution regarding uploading the video with the WHO. However, we are creating a safe library for your videos at the WCH. Here you will find the updated notice and links to easily upload your video to the World Council for Health, as well as the WHO should you still choose to after reading the update: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/statements/stopthewho-update/

The very important backup plan:

At the World Council for Health, we are providing a forum to upload these videos without WHO involved or filtering ; as well as a link there for the WHO uploads (please see caution regarding the WHO site) . The World Council for Health and WHO options are both here: https://app.videopeel.com/c/ccalchpm

Meanwhile, I suggest uploading your video and/or a longer one with your genuine thoughts about the WHO and what should happen, across any or all of your social media or video channels with the hashtags: #ExitTheWHo #StopTheWHO and #BoycottTheWHO. We are not limited to videos in this decentralized plan; articles, art, music, cartoons, and any method you choose to share your thoughts and feelings.

Tedros and his minions may present a compilation supporting the expansion of his dictatorship; but we will create a real public record through the WCH and across all social media platforms. In this decentralized forum, please join in expressing the true will of the people, far and wide for us all to see, hear, and share. This is the future, decentralized real democracy.

Here is my short video

Dr Christof Plothe

Thanks James Roguski

Big thanks to James Roguski who so diligently monitors the WHO and alerted us to the situation as he has before. Please subscribe to and support his substack.

James Roguski: Screw The WHO

Call the SCREW THE WHO VOICEMAIL HOTLINE and share your opinion about the WHO with us: 310-256-3749

Here are WCH founder Dr Tess Lawrie’s insights and call to this action: https://drtesslawrie.substack.com/p/the-who-is-asking-for-our-input-lets

Friends, I continue working extremely committed with my small team on a mission to plot a course through these strange dark times with our health intact, and to restore justice and human rights to our country and world. I assure you that we are living and working on a lean budget, but we still need your  financial help. I am grateful if and when you can help with donations or fund-raising for our work. Thanks, Mark Trozzi MD