Moderna is suing Pfizer for Covid Patent Infringements

Official documents reveal the transfer of a “mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidate developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna” to UNC Chapel Hill, on Dec 12, 2019, before the “pandemic” even began.   

UNC Chapill Hill’s Ralph Baric PhD as well as NIAID representatives Amy Petrik PhD and Barnery Graham PhD, Moderna investigator Sunny Himansu PhD, and Moderna council Shaun Ryan all  signed the Material Transfer Agreement. Here’s the document in it’s entirety:



Here is a well written article about this from “The Second Smartest Guy In The World” covering key pages of the document.

This article goes further to explain that Moderna is currently suing Pfizer for infringing on multiple Moderna patents involved in creating SARS C0V2 which date back as far as 2013: patents for the weaponized virus that they launched against us, with which they crushed human rights, and for the deadly genetic injections with which they followed.

Fauci’s NIAID, UNC Chapel Hill, and Moderna were making deals creating, dealing, and exchanging bio-engineered coronaviruses and mRNA vaccines, before the so-called pandemic began. This is solid evidence of the pre-planning of the covid crimes against humanity. This contradicts the lie claiming that covid-19 was spontaneously birthed in a Wuhan wet market, and that they fast tracked the creation of the vaccine in response.

Please share this and help ensure it is added to the global piles of evidence against the covid criminals.