Dr. Mark Trozzi

Germ & Terrain Reality. Is SARS CoV2 real?

Do viruses exist? Is SARS COV2 real? What causes "infectious" diseases: germs or terrain? These are important questions, that must be resolved.

The enemies of mankind, the global predators, the perpetrators of covid; would love to see us divided and confused.

Over the last month I have dedicated much of my time to suspending what I thought I knew, and having a fresh open-minded detailed study of these matters. I have consulted with other doctors and scientists. We have met in teams. I have attended lectures, debates, and working groups.  

At last, I have confident thoughts on these subjects, that I wish to share with you. Here are my succinct conclusions.

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  1. Germ & Terrain Reality. Is SARS CoV2 real?
    Hi Mark, you never cited your sources when you showed the different viruses.
    Where did you find these photos? The photos alone don’t convince me of anything. If they are on line can you provide a link to them so I can investigate further.
    Compared to at Dr Kaufman explanation here at 49 min

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